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About Superreferat.ru
  Superreferat.ru is a multifunctional educational web-server. Its main objective is to provide assistance to university and institutions students. One of the main features of the site is its giant electronic library, containing solid number of books and articles (more than 40,000 pieces as of May 2003). We know that many Russian students often don't have neither possibility nor enough money to buy books for studies. We are eager to make as much as possible amount of scientific literature available to all Russian students.
  Superreferat.ru is a community website for Russian students too. Prospective students can browse through our comprehensive list of Russian and foreign universities to select the most suitable one. Students who are already enrolled to universities may share their experience with each other.
  Our plans include development of online interactive courses for many specialities, so that anyone could self-improve or prepare for exams in desired subject.
  While all the resourses on Superreferat.ru are available for free, the site's popularity (35,000 visitors/day, 450,000 month auditory reach - that means it exceeds 7,5% of total russian Internet auditory) gives us a chance to work independently, without applying for charity.

With best regards,
Innokentiy Golovin, Superreferat.ru CEO



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